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Podcast Interview: Entrepreneurs must consider offshore asset protection

June 17, 2014 0 Comments

Attorneys Patricia Donlevy-Rosen and Howard Rosen were recently interviewed by host Eric Dye for an episode of Enterprise Radio, part of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

entrepreneur podcast networkEntrepreneur Podcast Network is an on-demand streaming channel that currently reaches 104 countries worldwide each month with interviews of some of the most renowned success stories in business today. The listening audience is approximately 20,000.

The topic of the 14-minute podcast was “asset protection for entrepreneurs”, and the message was clear: asset protection should be seriously considered by entrepreneurs before any liabilities arise. The free podcast episode can be downloaded directly from the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. The Network also has mobile apps and subscription services available.



Questions asked by the host, and answered by the attorneys, included:

  • Why should entrepreneurs consider offshore asset protection?
  • What is the difference between domestic and offshore asset protection?
  • There are a number of myths surrounding offshore asset protection – can you dispel any of those?
  • Can you share an example of how offshore asset protection has helped a business owner you’ve worked with?

Attorney Patricia Donlevy-Rosen explained why educating entrepreneurs about asset protection planning is especially important:

“I know entrepreneurs are primarily interested in growing their business, and don’t want to waste time or money in planning for a worst case scenario. But it is so important to get competent counsel with experience in setting up the right entities, and doing it so they are protected should things not go as hoped.”

The attorneys shared some success stories where entrepreneur clients have benefitted from advanced asset protection planning. One such story is that of clients who protected the proceeds from the sale of their business. The clients were subsequently sued by the purchaser for violations of the purchase agreement, and a judgment was entered against them for $5 million.

“This is a great example of someone doing everything right, and still ending up in trouble,” said attorney Howard Rosen. He explained that the clients sought legal advice, followed all the rules, and still ended up with a judgment against them.

Without asset protection planning, the clients would have been destitute. The judgment against the clients was eventually reversed on appeal, and the clients are now seeking damages for alleged malpractice by the attorneys who advised them on the purchase agreement.

Rosen had this to say about the clients’ case:

“If not for the asset protection planning, the clients would not have been able to continue their litigation. They never would have made it to the appeal – which they won – and they would have had nothing to live off throughout the process. Now they can live out their retirement comfortably. They are thrilled that they made the right decision to protect their assets before it was too late.”

Entrepreneurs and other persons interested in offshore asset protection planning should contact the law firm of Donlevy-Rosen & Rosen, P.A.


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