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Barry Engel: Honoring the ‘Father of Asset Protection’

August 31, 2017

Last month, the asset protection field lost a giant. Barry S. Engel was a shareholder (partner) of Greenspoon Marder, P.A., a Denver law firm with various areas of practice. But Barry was known in our industry as a pioneer in offshore asset protection planning.

As a practicing attorney in the ‘80s, Barry was unsatisfied with the options for domestic asset protection solutions. He explored various foreign jurisdictions, but found none to have the right combination of stability, language, compatible legal systems, and favorable asset protection laws.  From that frustration came the Cook Islands International Trust Act 1984, authored by Barry in partnership with Cook Islands attorneys. That legislation became the basis for more than 20 other offshore jurisdictions to create their own asset protection legislation. Some 30 years later, the Cook Islands is now the premier jurisdiction for asset protection trusts.

Barry was 63 when he lost a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Even during his illness, he worked full time educating professionals on the benefits of offshore asset protection planning. He is survived by his mother, wife of 38 years, and three adult children. He is also remembered for the legacy he created. He fathered an entire industry which now spans 25 countries and 25 states.

Thank you, Barry, for your contribution to our field,

from Patricia Donlevy-Rosen & Howard Rosen.