Offshore Trusts Protect Against Lawsuits
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Offshore Trusts Protect Against Lawsuits

This is a society where litigation has become a popular tool for the accumulation of wealth – not only by plaintiffs, but by their attorneys as well. Additionally, with the decline in the economy, creditors are more aggressing, and are finding more creative ways of pursuing debts and judgments.

Our effective solution can protect you against lawsuits and creditors.

How can this planning protect me against lawsuits?

Asset protection planning is the adoption of advance planning techniques which place one’s assets beyond the reach of future potential creditors. In our practice, it does not involve hiding assets, nor is it based upon secret agreements or fraud. It is based upon proven, sophisticated, combinations of business and estate planning techniques.

Effective asset protection planning involves the use of an offshore asset protection trust. An “offshore trust” is a trust formed under the laws of a jurisdiction other than the United States.

I already have an attorney, so why should I hire you?

Many of our clients were referred to us by their attorney. They may have an attorney who has implemented conventional domestic estate or business planning, or they may be represented by an attorney in ongoing litigation. We can implement a properly structured asset protection strategy for you, while you continue to work with your existing attorney.

Generally, attorneys welcome our assistance as they are not familiar with, or able to implement, the kinds of techniques we provide.

Why offshore vs. domestic asset protection planning?

A number of states have adopted asset protection trust legislation (of varying degrees) designed to attract the business of people looking for domestic solutions. In a few cases these domestic asset protection solutions may be effective. However, these domestic structures require you to foresee the types of creditors you will have (all states have loopholes for certain creditors), and the kinds of claims those creditors will bring.

Domestic jurisdictions may protect you from a creditor, until you are forced into bankruptcy. Federal law gives judges the ability to set aside state asset protection trusts under many circumstances (most recently demonstrated by a Federal Bankruptcy Court setting aside an Alaska trust). If you are confident that your creditors and the US legal system will treat you fairly, and that no creditor will force you into bankruptcy for at least 10 years, then consider domestic asset protection.

Otherwise, consider that properly implemented offshore asset protection is available to effectively protect your assets.

Why should I choose your firm?

The most important considerations in selecting a law firm are the qualifications and experience of the attorneys. Our firm has concentrated its practice in asset protection for over 20 years. Our attorneys have published numerous books, journals, and articles, many of which are used by other professionals as research tools for asset protection issues. The majority of our clients come to us through referrals from other attorneys familiar with our qualifications and experience.

More FAQs about asset protection

Asset protection is most effective when implemented in advance of a lawsuit, judgment, or claim. But even if you have been sued or threatened with a lawsuit, it may be possible to protect your assets. If you are an individual or company at risk from lawsuits or other claims, you should consult with us as soon as possible.

Donlevy-Rosen & Rosen, P.A. is a law firm with a focus on asset protection planning and offshore trusts. Attorneys Howard Rosen and Patricia Donlevy-Rosen co-founded the firm in 1991, and have since become recognized authorities in the field of asset protection planning. Let us explain the significant difference our experience can make when protecting your assets. Get better protection against lawsuits, call 305-447-0061 or simply visit our contact page to find out how we may assist you for better protecting your assets.

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