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Leaders In The Field Of Asset Protection

An Interview With Howard Rosen, Esq.

Learn how you can legally protect your assets.

An Interview With
Patricia Donlevy-Rosen, Esq.

How Can Loans Protect Real Estate?

The law firm of Donlevy-Rosen & Rosen, P.A. is a boutique law practice with a focus on offshore asset protection planning.  For almost thirty years, the attorneys of Donlevy-Rosen & Rosen, P.A. have been leaders in the field of asset protection, authoring books, articles, and research materials for other planning professionals.

Based in Coral Gables (Miami), Florida, the law firm serves clients across the United States and abroad, with a national practice utilized by individuals and businesses seeking effective asset protection planning.

The most important factors in choosing a law firm are the qualifications and experience of its lawyers.  When you choose Donlevy-Rosen & Rosen, P.A., you know that are receiving quality legal expertise from attorneys whose experience in asset protection planning is unequaled.

Attorney Howard Rosen is an “AV Preeminent” rated attorney, a member of the Florida Bar, and a Certified Public Accountant. His notable publications include the BNA Tax Management Portfolio titled “Asset Protection Planning” (1994, 2002), of which he is a founding author.  Due to Howard’s extensive experience in offshore asset protection planning and related tax issues, he is regarded as an authority on the subjects among his peers.

Attorney Patricia Donlevy-Rosen is also an “AV Preeminent” rated attorney, and is a member of the Florida and New York Bars.  Her notable publications include the RIA Tax Advisors Planning Series titled “Asset Protection Planning.” Due to Patricia’s extensive experience in offshore asset protection planning and the protection of immovable assets, she is regarded as an authority on the subjects among her peers.

In a typical case, our core approach to asset protection planning involves implementing an offshore asset protection trust. Sometimes, depending upon the circumstances, the trust will be combined with a limited liability company (LLC). If the LLC is combined with the trust, you contribute those assets which are to be protected to the LLC we have formed for you. You are appointed as the manager of the LLC, and the LLC member (owner) is the offshore asset protection trust you have also created. As the manager, you retain direct control over the management, investment, and distribution of the protected assets. No third-party consent is required for the purchase, sale, pledge, or in connection with any other transaction in regard to these assets!