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Asset Protection Expert Witness

The complexity and nature of offshore asset protection planning often requires professionals with extensive knowledge in the area to act as an expert witness in court proceedings.


Expert Witness
n. a person who is a specialist in a subject, often technical, who may present his/her expert opinion

Expert witnesses. (n.d.) Collins Dictionary of Law. (2006).


We are available, and have previously served, as asset protection expert witnesses for debtors or attorneys of debtors in litigation. Our experience and qualifications in the establishment, review, and understanding of offshore asset protection planning makes us uniquely qualified to testify on behalf of the debtor as to certain issues pertaining to offshore planning, which include:

  • Cook Islands trust law as it pertains to U.S. judgments
  • Inability to access trust assets
  • Inappropriate application of contempt orders
  • Attorney liability as to voidable transactions
  • Reasonableness of attorney fees during malpractice or bankruptcy proceedings

Fees for offshore trust / asset protection expert witness services vary, and we are only able to consider testifying after a paid review of the trust and fact pattern to determine the efficacy of the implemented structure.

For more information on offshore trust expert witness testimony, simply contact us.