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Litigation on the Rise

Lots of discussion is had about the need for tort reform, exceptional jury awards, and a general upswing in the costs of doing business due to potential litigation.  Rarely, however, is any evidence presented that litigation is more of a problem for a business owner today than it was ten years ago.

The National Center for State Courts tracks data that shows changes in court filings – criminal and civil.  When adjusted for the increase in population, the last decade saw little change in state criminal filings (the Center actually reports a 1% decrease from 2000 to 2009).

judicial wooden gavel on a table in a court in Florida USA

Shows a judicial wooden gavel on a table in a court in Florida USA

The same cannot be said for civil filings.  From 2000 to 2009, the number of state civil filings increased by 28%.

Increase in state civil litigation filings

So what, if anything, should the business owner or practitioner read from these numbers?

Litigation is on the rise.  Asset protection is a must.

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