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Rochdale Trader Arrested … But Not That Rochdale

The New York Times and others recently reported the arrest of a Rochdale Securities trader, along with financial difficulties the firm is now suffering. Full article from the NY Times: Ex-Trader at Rochdale Is Arrested After $1 Billion Trade in Apple

This announcement immediately caused concern amongst offshore planners and their clients whose trusts use Rochdale Investment Management as their financial advisors.  That concern, however, is unfounded.

Police man putting handcuffs on criminal’s hands

Shows Police man putting handcuffs on criminal’s hands

The article references Rochdale Securities, LLC of Stamford Connecticut – a firm that has no relation to Rochdale Investment Management, of New York, NY (who was recently acquired by City National Bank).

Upon hearing of the Article, Donlevy-Rosen & Rosen confirmed with Rochdale Investment Management that they have no current relationship with Rochdale Securities, LLC.

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